Theta Alpha Chapter History

Theta Alpha Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was first established on the afternoon of October 1, 1935, when seven young professional men met at the home of George L. Allen. The seven men – George L. Allen, E. Homer Brown, Frank H. Jordan, Jr., William T. Burke, Charles Fields, Bernard Blackman, and Rodman Doyle having already achieved prominence as intellectual leaders, were indeed well qualified to lay the strong foundation for the Theta Alpha Chapter. All these college graduates exemplified the premise that the course of Omega Psi Phi was well chartered by men with a vision of the future and high conceptions of morality, honor, and scholarship.

After formulating the rules and regulations which were in direct accordance with the national regulations established by the Grand Council, then Grand Basileus, William Baugh, was informed of the policies and soon thereafter the organization was approved by the Grand Council. Hence became Theta Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated. The newly organized chapter was met with wide acceptance and tremendous interest by the community at large, and by area black college graduates who did not have the opportunity to become Omega men as undergraduates. . In the early days of 1935, the first officers of Theta Alpha were: Brothers George L. Allen, Basileus; Frank Jordan, Vice-Basileus; Charles Fields, Keeper of Records and Seal; William Burke, Keeper of Finance; and Bernard Blackman, Chaplain.

Subsequent Basilei include Brothers; Steve Gulley, Arthur L. Mills, Willie T Beckett, Harvey Sunday, Toice Z Davis, Otto Frida, George Brown, U.S. Hammonds, Fred Landers, Al Rozier, Ernest Goode, Jr. Billy Ratcliff, Charles Johnson, Jr., Frank Drayton, Ken Barnes, Robert Bailey, Albert C. Black, Sr., Charles Lee, Isaiah Blakely, Clarence Moore, Anthony Brown, Terry Forest, Marvin Jones, Patrick B. Smith, Ronald E. Patterson, Z.L. Williams, Charles Johnson, III, Tyrone Burnett, Wilton Munnings, Derrick Payne, Ben Green, Traswell Livingston III, Aaron Davis and Gayelord Gray (Current Basileus).

Today, Theta Alpha Chapter has over one hundred fifty active members on its roster and hundreds of former members within the Dallas area. The chapter parallels its international parent organization in that it has members representing all areas of productive society. Many Dallas landmarks bear the names of former Theta Alpha brothers such as the George L. Allen, Sr. Dallas County Courts Building, John E. Kincaid Stadium, Harold Wendell Lang, Sr. Middle School, Raymond E. Hollie Field, and the Freedman’s Cemetery Memorial (Brooks Fitch). Other Theta Alpha Brothers have achieved prominence in the Greater Dallas Community such as Brothers L.A. Bedford, Napoleon B. Lewis, Frederick Todd, Anthony “Tony” Davis, William T. “Billy” Burke, Herman DeVaughn, Caesar A. W. Clark, Cleo Steele, Albert Black Jr, Charles O’Neil, Royce West, and others.

Over the years, many members of the chapter have been recognized or served the international organization in significant leadership positions: Brother Warren G. Lee, Jr. has served as Undergraduate Representative, Grand Keeper of Finance for three successive terms, elected in the 1992, 1994 and 1996 Grand Conclaves. Brother Lee also served as Second Vice Grand Basileus, First Vice Grand Basileus, and most notably, the 38th Grand Basileus (2006-2010) of the international organization. Brother Willie Hinchen was elected in 2004 as International Omega Man of the Year, Brother Billy Ratcliff was appointed Grand Marshall of the National Conclave hosted by the Chapter in Dallas in 1988 and Brother Aubrey “Nick” Pittman was elected Grand Counselor in 2002. Brother Robert Hester was elected and served as Grand Keeper of Records and Seal (1976 – 1979), Brother Clement Osimetha served as 2nd Vice Grand Basileus (1990-1992) and, three (4) Brothers of Theta Alpha Chapter have served full terms as District Representative (DR) of the mighty 9th District. The 9th District is one of the largest membership Districts in Omega and includes members in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. Brother U.S. Hammonds was the 4th 9th District DR (1962-1966), Brother Jerry Rutherford served as the 18th 9th District DR (2000-2002), Brother Willie (Mercenary) Hinchen served as the 21st 9th District DR (2007-2010) and Brother Patrick Bouvier Smith served as the 25th 9th District DR (2018-2021).

The members of Theta Alpha Chapter continue to be at the forefront of community service in the Greater Dallas Metropolis. Throughout the years, the Chapter has shared the responsibility of leadership for area youth. Notably, in May 2002, Theta Alpha Chapter took the ideals and successes of its highly acclaimed tutorial and mentorship program, “Saturday Scholars” (in conjunction with General Electric Company (GE) and the Albert Sydney Johnston Elementary School in Dallas) and transfused them into its Omega Sparks Youth Organization, originally established in 1985. The Chapter continues to successfully operate the Sparks Program today with the mission of assisting young men, ages 12 – 18, in setting and achieving high academic, moral and ethical goals to become better citizens and productive members of society.  Theta Alpha Chapter continues to provide service in the community through our annual Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway, Christmas Toy Drive as well as feeding the homeless and  water donations to the Sandbranch community.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is a unique group of men that encourage high standards, community service and assist in the building of character and leadership development among men and boys. Members of Omega share a common foundation comradeship that last a lifetime!